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Anu Penttinen

The most important thing to remember when decorating a room: Use creativity, not money

I work best when: I’m under a deadline

My greatest design influence: The man-made environment, cityscapes, urban details

My best design moment: When I come up with a good idea after really pushing it, often after I have almost given up

My most important mentor: Ingegerd Råman, a Swedish ceramicist and glass designer

The thing I hope to bring to Marimekko: A personal approach to new materials

When I travel I always take: Ear plugs and my own pillow

The colour that means comfort to me: Black

The colour that means courage to me: Black

The pattern I’m most fascinated with right now: Street maps

The best Sunday morning music: Massive Attack, Tori Amos, Henry Purcell

Being dependent on others terrifies me.

Sketch by hand or click on computer? Both

If I were not working as a designer, I would be: A musician