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Marimekko was featured on in an article titled "Metropolis Celebrates Its Fifth Annual Game Changers." The article includes an interview with Marimekko North American President Isabelle Cadieux-Fabian where she discusses the brand's own game-changing design, as well as, the inspiration for the SS15 collection.

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The Lintukoto (bird home) pattern was inspired by carefree life in wild gardens and old courtyards, without a worry about tomorrow.

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The Tyrsky (surf ) pattern was inspired by beautiful, windy summer days at sea. The pattern reflects the forms of foamy wave crests and the feeling that the strength of a sea breeze can give you.

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Kustaa Saksi, the latest addition to Marimekko’s print design team, became inspired by the colors and atmosphere of the underwater world while scuba diving in Vietnam. The depth of the sea and the rhythm of the abstract forms of aquatic organisms are reflected in the Merivuokko (sea anemone) pattern, while the Meriheinä (seagrass) print depicts the organised chaos of freely swaying sea-floor vegetation.

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Meet Kustaa Saksi, the latest addition to Marimekko's print design team. Kustaa Saksi created the Merivuokko & Meriheina prints included in the SS15 Home collection. In this interview he tells us about the inspiration behind the two aquatic prints, his ideal mindscape and personal favorite Marimekko product.

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Between January 25th - February 17th, spend $150 or more in-store and choose between the Lissu Räsymatto tote or the Marimekko Heart tote as a Gift with Purchase - just in time for Valentine's Day!Read More

The Kontti (container) pattern designed by Jenni Tuominen, depicts neat rows of containers on a ship at sea. From above, the containers look like a multicolor patchwork.

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The timeless Kiss Kiss pattern created in 1982 depicts a vast sea of tiny dots.

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On some chilly winter evenings the best possible way to have a lovely time is to stay at home with the nearest and dearest.Read More
The Fokus (focus) pattern created by Anna Danielsson, is a captivating combination of small dots that compose a large circular form.Read More