Veljekset ceramics Finland 100

Marimekko has for decades travelled in the borderland between art and design, bringing colors and patterns, as well as functional products, to people's everyday lives. To celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary, the company launched a pattern entitled Veljekset (brothers) created by Maija Louekari, one of Marimekko's younger-generation print designers. The design was inspired by Finnish folk tales and it depicts strong and expressive animals that live in the forests of Finland.

At the Lux Helsinki light festival, which took place in January, the Veljekset pattern came to life in Maija Louekari's artwork. Marimekko wanted to offer the residents of the city a story-like experience and inspire them to dream colorful dreams in the middle of the darkest winter, and also remind them of how fascinating their northern country is.  

"The Veljekset animation and light artwork will bring our wild and exotic north to the wintry city centre, reminding us city dwellers of our forests that are still inhabited by strong, expressive animals. I designed the Veljekset pattern inspired by the main characters in Finnish folk tales, the so-called totem animals, for Marimekko in celebration of the 100-year-old Finland. With its lights, the Lux Helsinki festival will bring to life what on printed fabric stands still," says print designer Maija Louekari.