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Huffington Post article about Anna Teurnell and MarimekkoMarimekko is featured in an article on Huffington Post titled "Anna Teurnell: On Empowering the Modern Woman through Timeless Fashion".

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Rotti is a playful print consisting of overlaying stripes.

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Summer party at Marimekko

Join us for a Midsummer Party at Marimekko

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Chili is a floral celebration of easy summer living.

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Karuselli (merry-go-round) is a bold and painterly print by Katsuji Wakisaka. 

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Maija Isola's legendary Kivet (stones) pattern builds on circles cut with scissors. The circular pattern is most likely based on the many rough-edged stones that were manually cleared from the atelier home's grounds.

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Every Design Has a Story: Tiara

Tiara is a dense print that depicts plants and flowers, the crown of the nature. It was designed using black ink and water colors. 

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The striped Raide (rail) pattern was designed by Annika Rimala, one of the most iconic Marimekko designers of all times.

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Wednesday April 6th, 1pm-2pm

The Heritage of Handcraft as an Inspiration to Marimekko Print Design

Discussion by Marimekko Artwork Studio Manager, Petri Juslin

Wednesday, April 6th, 1pm-2pm

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